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For diversified Mediums and Devices including expanding smart device’s scene and market, KYODO NEWS IMAGES is focused on enhancing the distribution system of any kind of visuals to establish our businesses. As KYODO NEWS GROUP’S mission is,
* To provide accurate and impartial news of the world to establish fair-minded public opinion and for growth of social community in healthy way.
* To contribute for enhancement of international cross-fertilisation.
KYODO NEWS IMAGES makes groundwork to success for our business for creating and branding customer value and to build visual distribution of digital network system with you.




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        You can easily organize and manage your images.

        Storing a large number of images and keeping them organized and used effectively was a difficult task.

        The material management system IMAGE MANAGER was developed based on years of experience accumulated by Kyodo News.

        With IMAGE MANAGER, you can search using any keyword, even if a large amount of material is stored.

        You can quickly find and use the material you are looking for.

      • RIGHTS


        To negotiate and clearances of rights for images legally.

        If you don’t know the rights holder of the images or it’s difficult for you to obtain the rights holder’s permission, KYODO NEWS IMAGES will properly cover EVERYTHING you need.

        To collect and partition usage fee properly arising from Any and All images and/or videos provided by rights holders to respective rights holders.

      • DIGITIZE


        The way of thinking of photography as an asset.

        As dead or Slept stock of any kind of photographies for ages your asset,

        KYODO NEWS IMAGES suggests your asset management with unforfeitable value of such asset by our archival skills to find the new market.

      The mission of “BEHIND”

      As photographers witness so many moments and take such a lot of photos of those moments but there is a very few press photos limitedly posted on news papers, TV, internet mediums,

      “BEHIND will open and make much more opportunities to browse such photos to people as many as possible.

      “Here is the sight never-seen-before” “Here is the aspect never-seen-before”

      Please, wait on anticipation to “BEHIND” at KYODO NEWS IMAGES.

      All photos at Gallery site at “BEHIND” are purchased at KYODO NEWS IMAGES’ data-base "Image Link Global"


      • Kyodo

        Since 1945, Japanese media outlets have been getting their news from Kyodo News, Japan's leading news agency. As essential in Japan as Reuters and AP are abroad, Kyodo News delivers the inside scoop with unprecedented speed, insight, accuracy and impartiality.

      • KK Kyodo News

        An information service company engaged in a range of businesses, including providing support for public relations activities and hosting seminars for both the public and private sectors.

      • Kyodo News Digital

        A company specialized in digital business operations ranging from real-time news distribution and multimedia product packaging to the development and maintenance of websites.


        A company whose main role is the monitoring of Kyodo News' core news distribution system, also creating sports data products for media outlets and dealing with print items for business use.

      • Kyodo News PR Wire

        One of Japan's first full-scale press release agencies, which helps domestic and overseas corporate clients distribute news releases effectively to the appropriate media outlets.

      • NNA Japan Co.

        A provider of local and regional economic and business information in Asia, closely looking into industrial and market trends with its extensive network of offices across the region.

      • Quants Research inc.

        A solutions creator and content provider for financial planning and management that also offers business support systems and financial application development services.

      • Kyodo Tsushin Kaikan

        A real estate company engaged in leasing the former Kyodo News headquarters building in Tokyo, among other properties.

      • Nordot Inc.

        A joint venture between Kyodo News Digital and Yahoo Japan operating a common platform designed for content providers and distributors to minimize costs and share advertising revenue.

      • Yano Research Institute Ltd.

        One of Japan's largest marketing research companies which also provides consulting services for virtually every industry and organizes business workshops and seminars.

      ABOUT US

      Company name Kyodo News Images Inc.
      Head Office 1-7-2 Higashi Shimbashi,Minato-ku Tokyo JapanShiodome Media Tower Annex 3F
      TEL +81-3-6252-6224
      President and CEO Toru Ikeda
      Executive Managing Director Tomoaki Kudo