The way of thinking of photography as an asset.

As dead or Slept stock of any kind of photographies for ages your asset,
KYODO NEWS IMAGES suggests your asset management with unforfeitable value of such asset by our archival skills to find the new market.

There are so many problems for photos as assets to digitize for effective utilization.

  • Digitization
  • Data management
    and operation
  • Quality
    and Cost
  • Authorize
    text information

To carry out such agenda on the above in a comprehensive way and offer digitization for effectual asset management.
Professional staff for digitization and highly maintained factory serves for obtaining the advantages
 of increased speed and reduced costs.

Significance of digitization

As any photographies are difficult to safekeeping asset, there are so many risks to stock (i.e. aged degradation of quality, damage, inflammable film). Besides, unfiled film may cause losing opportunity of asset management. KYODO NEWS IMAGES storngly recommends digitization to keep safely, avoid degradation and cost reduction to expand and open to market.

  • Loss of value

    Degradation (i.e. Bleach, mold, damage) will fall in decay as time proceeds.

  • Storing risks

    Negative films have sometimes inflammable films.

  • Cost

    Storing costs you constantly which takes lots of trouble to handle and manage.