You can easily organize and manage your images.

Storing a large number of images and keeping them organized and used effectively was a difficult task.
The material management system IMAGE MANAGER was developed based on years of experience accumulated by Kyodo News.
With IMAGE MANAGER, you can search using any keyword, even if a large amount of material is stored.
You can quickly find and use the material you are looking for.

You can be easy to “STORE", “MANAGE” and “EFFICIENT USE” a larger number of images.

Each data can be easy to register and manage with IMAGE MANAGER by drag and drop. It is also possible to distribute to the press from IMAGE MANAGER. By linking with IMAGELINK (optional), images registered in IMAGE MANAGER can be Since it can be sold automatically, it can be "benefited" while “storing” and "managing" with minimal effort. IMAGELINK (optional), in which images registered at IMAGE MANAGER, can be sold automatically to be benefited with your minimal effort during “storing” and "managing".