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  • 2021年02月16日
    DP mayoral contenders at debate forum 韓国 ソウル市長選挙

    キーワード:韓国、ソウル市長選挙、朴映宣、パク・ヨンソン、候補、  DP mayoral contenders at debate forum A debate forum takes place via MBC-TV on Feb. 15, 2021, between the candidates of the Democratic Party that the ruling party has picked for its upcoming primary to choose its flag bearer for the April 7 Seoul mayoral by-election -- former SMEs Minister Park Young-sun (R) and the party‘s four-term lawmaker Woo Sang-ho (L). (Yonhap)/2021-02-16 08:45:21/<Copyright ⓒ 1980-2021 YONHAPNEWS AGENCY. All rights reserved.>=クレジット:Yonhap News Agency/共同通信イメージズ

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  • 2018年04月25日
    ILA 2018 ドイツのメルケル首相

    25 April 2018, Schönefeld, Germany: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU, M) opens the ILA by cutting a ribbon. On the left is Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU), on the right the French Secretary of State Delphine Gény-Stephann. At the aviation exhibition ILA 2018 about 200 aircrafts will be presented. The organizers expect more than 150,000 visitors. The ILA takes place from 25.04-29.04.2018. Photo: Ralf Hirschberger/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

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  • 2016年04月20日
    朝鮮中央通信資料 慈江道でも党大会代表に

    2016年4月19日、北朝鮮の慈江道江界市で開かれた慈江道の党代表会。同党代表会は、金正恩第1書記を5月上旬に開かれる党大会の代表に推戴することを満場一致で決定した。(朝鮮中央通信=共同) Pyo03 20160420 Pyongyang, DPRK: The Jagang Provincial Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) takes place in Kanggye City to elect supreme leader Kim Jong Un as delegate to the WPK's 7th Congress. (Taken on April 19, Juche 105) KCNA PHOTO

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