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    Zeus. Rome. Late 2nd century AD. Marble. The long hair and curly beard belong to one of the father gods. Traces of red colour in the hair and beard show that the statue was painted. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Copenhagen, Denmark.、クレジット:Album/Prisma/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。表紙、広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用はお問合せください。クレジットは必ず表記してください。

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    Dionysus the god of the grape harvest

    Dionysus the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, he was worshipped from c. 15001100 BC by Mycenean Greeks other traces of Dionysian-type cult have been found in ancient Minoan Crete. His origins are uncertain, and his cults took many forms; some are described by ancient sources as Thracian, others as Greek. In some cults, he arrives from the east, as an Asiatic foreigner; in others, from Ethiopia in the South. Dionysus was the last god to be accepted into Mt. Olympus.、クレジット:World History Archive/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ

    商品コード: 2019062606135

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    From Martian orbit

    From Martian orbit, the Mars Express cameras looked down on the largest volcano in the solar system. The result was this overhead view of the caldera or summit crater region of Olympus Mons. Olympus Mons rises 21 kilometres above the surrounding plain or to about 3 times the height of Mt. Everest.、クレジット:World History Archive/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用に関してはお問合せください。

    商品コード: 2018111624445

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    At the Summit of Olympus Mons

    At the Summit of Olympus Mons, Volcanic crater on the surface of Mars、クレジット:World History Archive/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用に関してはお問合せください。

    商品コード: 2018111624392

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    Shaded relief image derived from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter data

    Shaded relief image derived from Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter data, which flew on-board the Mars Global Surveyor. The image shows Olympus Mons and the three Tharsis Montes volcanoes: Arsia Mons, Pavonis Mons, and Ascraeus Mons from southwest to northeast.、クレジット:World History Archive/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用に関してはお問合せください。

    商品コード: 2018111624369

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    This is a mosaic of Olympus Mons

    This is a mosaic of Olympus Mons, the highest volcano on Mars, which towers 26 km above the surrounding plains. The image covers an area of approximately 600 000 sq. km and is colour-coded according to height based on data from the Digital Terrain Model (DTM). The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA痴 Mars Express Orbiter imaged the region over 18 orbits. This image is an ortho-image mosaic, where the projecting rays are perpendicular to the plane of projection. This corrects any deformations introduced by an imaging camera. Such an image can be fitted directly on to a map.、クレジット:World History Archive/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用に関してはお問合せください。

    商品コード: 2018111624422

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    銃口上げる独軍砲兵隊 欧州戦線


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  • 1976年03月01日


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  • 2004年08月11日
    Mars Express Image

    Mars Express Image: Olympus Mons caldera in perspective Source: European Space Agency Posted Wednesday, August 11, 2004This perspective view, taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA‘s Mars Express spacecraft, shows the complex caldera of Olympus Mons on Mars, the highest volcano in our Solar System. Olympus Mons has an average elevation of 22 kilometres and the caldera, or summit crater, has a depth of about 3 kilometres. The data was retrieved during orbit 143 of Mars Express on 24 February 2004. The view is looking north. The curved striations on the left and foreground, in the southern part of the caldera, are tectonic faults. After lava production has ceased the caldera collapsed over the emptied magma chamber. Through the collapse the surface suffers from extension and so extensional fractures are formed.、クレジット:World History Archive/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用に関してはお問合せください。

    商品コード: 2018111624361

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