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  •  Spearfish Falls.
    Spearfish Falls.

    Spearfish Falls. Our friends, there, June 22, 1890, John C. H. Grabill was an american photographer. In 1886 he opened his first photographic studio.、クレジット:Album/quintlox/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。表紙、広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用はお問合せください。クレジットは必ず表記してください。

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  •  Fishermen Struggle Amid Crumbling Economy and Fuel Shortages
    Fishermen Struggle Amid Crumbling Economy and Fuel Shortages

    June 26, 2021, Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon: Fisherman Nasser Mshek holds a spearfished lion fish, an invasive species in the Mediterranean Sea, near the Rock of RaouchŽ, Beirut, Lebanon on June 26, 2021. Fishermen use to get paid LL10,000 for each kilogram (2.2 pounds) of fish when the Lebanese Lira traded at LL1,500 per $1. Today, the LiraÃs value hit a record low, trading at least at LL18,000, yet the fishermen get paid LL25,000 per kilogram of fish. Their diminished wages make boat upkeep difficult so some fishers, unable to pay for repairs, send their boats to the junkyard. The fishermen also struggle to get gasoline during the countryÃs fuel shortage, with gas station attendants telling the fishermen that fuel for a boat is a luxury, so they often refuse to sell gasoline to them. (Credit Image: © Daniel Carde/ZUMA Wire)、クレジット:©Daniel Carde/ZUMA Wire/共同通信イメージズ

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  •  Florida News - August 8, 2021
    Florida News - August 8, 2021

    August 8, 2021, Florida, USA: Melody Engle holds her gun before entering the water to spearfish on Sunday, August 8, 2021 in the Gulf of Mexico. (Credit Image: © Arielle Bader/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Press Wire)、クレジット:©Arielle Bader/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Press Wire/共同通信イメージズ

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  •  Submarine Veterans of World War II Memorial
    Submarine Veterans of World War II Memorial

    November 4, 2022 - Kings Bay, Georgia, USA - Capt. Chris Bohner, commanding officer of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, presents a gift to Tony Faella, a WWII submarine veteran, during the Submarine Veterans of WWII Memorial Service at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. Faella, who turned 100 in September, served aboard the submarine USS Spearfish (SS 190), which earned 10 battle stars during the duration of the war. (Credit Image: © U.S. Navy/ZUMA Press Wire Service/、クレジット:©U.S. Navy/ZUMA Press Wire Service/共同通信イメージズ

    商品コード: 2022111203060

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