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    Saint Sebastian Tied to a Tree (reverse copy), n.

    Saint Sebastian Tied to a Tree (reverse copy), n.d., Engraving, Sheet: 4 5/8 × 2 13/16 in. (11.7 × 7.2 cm), Prints, After Albrecht Dürer (German, Nuremberg 14711528 Nuremberg).、クレジット:Album/quintlox/共同通信イメージズ ※エディトリアル使用のみ。表紙、広告、プロモーション、商業目的での利用はお問合せください。クレジットは必ず表記してください。

    商品コード: 2020031300656

  • 1997年07月18日
    チャン・タイン・チャイ氏 分離手術の医師らも出馬


    商品コード: 1997071800055

  • 1997年10月14日


    商品コード: 1997101400028

  • 1998年09月09日

    「カラー」「人物通信」 ◎ソムサヌック・ミサイ(ラオス)、ビエンチャン・タイムス編集長、撮影日 1998.06.25、出稿日 1998.09.17

    商品コード: 1998090900057

  • 2018年09月13日
    朝鮮通信資料 ベトナム共産党書記と北・朴泰成副委員長


    商品コード: 2018092600236

  • 2018年11月27日


    商品コード: 2018112901091

  • 2018年11月27日


    商品コード: 2018112901099

  • 2018年11月27日


    商品コード: 2018112901111

  • 2018年11月27日


    商品コード: 2018112901161

  • 2021年05月27日
    Hong Kong News - May 27, 2021

    May 27, 2021, Hong Kong, China: Homeless (Front row on wheelchair) Yuen Siu-bik, Ma Yuet-wing, Chan Tai-fat and Ng Wai-tung(Right, back row), community organiser of Society for Community Organization (SoCo) meet the media at West Kowloon Court in Cheung Sha Wan, homeless people seek government payouts as police and LCSD removed their personal belongings without advance notice. 27MAY21 SCMP / Edmond So (Credit Image: © Edmond So/South China Morning Post via ZUMA Wire)、クレジット:©Edmond So/South China Morning Post via ZUMA Wire/共同通信イメージズ

    商品コード: 2021053001809

  • 01:55.81
    Lao health ministry prepares to give COVID-19 vaccines to schoolchildren

    STORY: Lao health ministry prepares to give COVID-19 vaccines to schoolchildrenDATELINE: Oct. 6, 2021LENGTH: 00:01:56LOCATION: VientianeCATEGORY: HEALTHSHOTLIST:1. various of students having classes at a school in Vientiane2. various of the vaccination in VientianeSTORYLINE:Lao Ministry of Health asked education and sports officials around the country to work with local authorities to assess the number of schoolchildren aged 12 to 17 eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations. Education authorities suggested vaccinations for schoolchildren after numerous problems were encountered with online classes, which have been recommended while schools are closed, local daily Vientiane Times reported on Wednesday. Many families have been unable to provide this kind of education for their children, while Internet access was patchy and unreliable in most areas. The hope is that if suf.....、クレジット:新華社/共同通信イメージズ

    商品コード: 2021100807166

  • 01:31.45
    Laos hopes to vaccinate 80 pct of population by year-end

    STORY: Laos hopes to vaccinate 80 pct of population by year-endDATELINE: Feb. 1, 2022LENGTH: 00:01:31LOCATION: VientianeCATEGORY: HEALTHSHOTLIST:1. various of the Lao Ministry of Health2. various of the people being vaccinatedSTORYLINE:The Lao Ministry of Health hopes to vaccinate 80 percent of the population in every district and province by the end of 2022 before the country can reopen for tourism to revitalize its economy. Local daily Vientiane Times on Monday quoted Rattanaxay Phetsouvanh, director-general of the Department of Communicable Disease Control under the Lao Ministry of Health, as saying that the ministry hopes to vaccinate 80 percent of the population by the end of 2022, and there are hopeful signs that the goal will be achieved. As of last Thursday, more than 4.7 million people (64.19 percent of its population) had received the first dose of the COVID.....、クレジット:新華社/共同通信イメージズ

    商品コード: 2022020208216

  • 02:00.36
    More countries use China-Laos Railway for goods transport: Lao official

    STORY: More countries use China-Laos Railway for goods transport: Lao officialDATELINE: Feb. 1, 2022LENGTH: 00:02:00LOCATION: VientianeCATEGORY: ECONOMY/POLITICSSHOTLIST:1. various of the China-Laos Railway‘s cargoSTORYLINE:Business operators from Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar are now using the China-Laos Railway to import and export goods to and from China and beyond, according to a Lao official.Local daily Vientiane Times on Tuesday quoted Vice President of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Daovone Phachanthavong, as saying that more goods are being shipped between China and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries through the railway.“I think Laos‘ economy will improve this year now that the Laos-China Railway is in use. Businesses in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar are increasingly engaged in trade with Ch.....、クレジット:新華社/共同通信イメージズ

    商品コード: 2022020208188

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