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    「DPA」 Reforestation 04 April 2020, Brandenburg, Märtensmühle: Marc Paulsen (l), Managing Director of Habitats and his wife Silke planting seedlings of blue spruce. Hornbeam, winter linden, sycamore maple and English oak have already been planted. In a woodland area in Nuthe-Nieplitz between Beelitz and Trebbin reforestation has been carried out. The climate protection project “Baumgutschein-Brandenburg“ was initiated by Paulsen and G. Kleinlein. Photo: Annette Riedl/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB、クレジット:ZB/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  2. 2020040801514

    「LaPresse」 Emergenza Coronavirus a Roma, prosegue la distibuzione di generi Foto Roberto Monaldo / LaPresse03-04-2020 Fiumicino (Roma)CronacaEmergenza coronavirus - I volontari della Misericordia di Fiumicino proseguono la distribuzione di generi alimentari alle famiglie in difficoltà economica - Sono in forte aumento le richieste da parte dei cittadini Nella foto I volontari durante la consegna Photo Roberto Monaldo / LaPresse03-04-2020 Fiumicino (Italy)Coronavirus emergency - The Misericordia volunteers continue the food distribution to families in economic difficultyIn the pic Volunteers during the delivery、クレジット:LaPresse/共同通信イメージズ

  3. 2020040701514

    「DPA」 Coronavirus - Hall 02 April 2020, Saxony-Anhalt, Halle: A scarf is wrapped around the mouth of the fountain figure of the “Zither-Reinhold-Fountain“. Photo: Marek Majewsky/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB、クレジット:ZB/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  4. 2020040101514

    「スプートニク」 Russia Coronavirus Lockdown 30.03.2020 People leave Kaluzhskaya metro station despite social-distancing efforts to help slow the spread of coronavirus disease, in Moscow, Russia. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on Sunday that all Muscovites irrespective of age must not leave home unless for exceptional reasons beginning March 30. Vladimir Pesnya / Sputnik、クレジット:Sputnik/共同通信イメージズ

  5. 2020032701514

    子ども向け東京五輪・パラリンピック特集「オリンピックを知ろう!」第25回 大迫、一山がエース格  マラソン代表の2人(大迫傑、一山麻緒)

  6. 2020040201514

    「DPA」 Coronavirus - Hospital Schwerin 26 March 2020, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Schwerin: Hospital staff pushing a hospital bed across a corridor in the Helios Clinic. The Helios Clinic is preparing for an increase in corona cases. Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB、クレジット:ZB/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  7. 2020032611514

    「DPA」 GES / Corona in Germany, March 25th, 2020 Potsdamer Platz. GES / Daily life during the corona crisis, 25.03.2020 GES / Daily life during the corona crisis in Berlin, Germany. 25.03.2020 | usage worldwide、クレジット:GES/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  8. 2020032515143

    「DPA」 Coronavirus - Special session of the NRW state parliament 24 March 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Duesseldorf: Martin Vincentz (AfD), speaks in the Landtag. Minister President Laschet (CDU) informs the parliament about the measures to contain the pandemic in NRW. In agreement with the parliamentary groups in the state parliament, a supplementary budget of 25 billion to cushion the economic consequences is to be adopted in a fast-track procedure. Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  9. 2020032515147

    「DPA」 Coronavirus - Special session of the NRW state parliament 24 March 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Duesseldorf: Thomas Kutschaty, chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, speaks in the state parliament. Minister President Laschet (CDU) informs the parliament about the measures to contain the pandemic in NRW. In agreement with the state parliament factions, a supplementary budget of 25 billion is to be passed in an expedited procedure to cushion the economic consequences. Photo: Federico Gambarini/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  10. 2020032315140

    「12段用」 銀閣寺予定地1㌔南だった  京都市「銀閣寺の当初の予定地」、南禅寺、禅林寺

  11. 2020032415145

    「DPA」 Coronavirus - Empty Kindergarten 23 March 2020, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Schriesheim: Mattresses are stacked on top of each other in the kindergarten “Kinderschachtel“. Schools and daycare centres are closed across the country due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Uwe Anspach/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  12. 2020032401514

    「DPA」 Coronavirus - North Hesse 22 March 2020, Hessen, Dörnhagen: The A7 south of Kassel, one of the most important north-south connections in Germany, is empty except for one car shortly after 10 am. Many people seem to be following the appeals and exit restrictions. Photo: Uwe Zucchi/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  13. 2020031801514

    「新華社」 フルカラー影印本「稿本聊斎志異」を出版  出版された「稿本聊斎志異」。(資料写真)中国瀋陽出版社はこのほど、「稿本聊斎志異(こうほんりょうさいしい)」を出版した。手稿の細かな特徴を最大限に留めており、蒲松齢(ほ・しょうれい)自身が記した本来の「聊斎志異」に最も近く、読者は時空を超えて真跡を目にすることができる。清代康熙元年(1662年)に書き始められた「聊斎志異」は中国古典文学の名著の中で唯一、作者の手稿が現代まで残る作品。「聊斎志異」手稿本は、蒲松齢が自ら書き写した定稿本で、その半分が残っており、遼寧省図書館が所蔵している。同図書館を代表する収蔵品であり、国の重要文化財に指定されている。今回刊行された「稿本聊斎志異」はハードカバーのフルカラー影印本で、底本を高解像度スキャンすることで、色彩における手稿の細かな特性を最大限に留めており、本文の大きさは所蔵されている原本と一致している。(瀋陽=新華社配信)=撮影日不明、クレジット:新華社/共同通信イメージズ

  14. 2020031201514

    「ロイター」「プラス」 東京五輪、採火式リハーサル  キーワード:ギリシャ、オリンピア遺跡、東京五輪の聖火採火式、リハーサル、Xanthi Georgiou=2020(令和2)年3月11日、ギリシャ(ロイター=共同)

  15. 2020030601514

    東日本大震災9年1㌻特集「防潮堤が守るもの」 「子・孫も住めるように」  岩手県宮古市田老地区の防潮堤で防災ツアー参加者に被災当時の話をする佐々木純子さん(中央)。奥は住宅が建設された高台=2月

  16. 2020031101514

    「スプートニク」 BRICS Young Parliamentarians’ Forum 06.03.2020 From left, background: Viktor Naumov, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems in Economics, Faculty of Economics, St Petersburg State University; Daniil Alexandrov, Professor Emeritus, HSE St Petersburg, Head of the Research and Education Laboratory “Sociology of Education and Science;” Alexei Sinitryn, member of the Federation Council Committee on Economic Policy; Dmitry Bubnov, member of the Federation Council Chamber of Young Legislators, deputy of the Izmailovskoye Municipal Council in St Petersburg at the session “Revolution 4.0: young lawmakers‘ response to the challenges of digital economy” during the BRICS Young Parliamentarians’ Forum in St Petersburg. Alexei Danichev / Photohost agency brics-russia2020.ru、クレジット:Sputnik/共同通信イメージズ

  17. 2020030901514

    「DPA」 Sled dog race “Baltic Lights“ cancelled 06 March 2020, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Heringsdorf: After the cancellation of the sled dog race “Baltic Lights“ a husky lies bored on the beach of Heringsdorf on the island of Usedom in the camp of the arrived dog handlers. The most northern sled dog race in Germany will not take place this year because of the danger of spreading of the new coronavirus and danger of flooding. Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  18. 2020031001514

    「DPA」 Woman award by Veuve Clicquot 05 March 2020, Berlin: Tanja Bülter (l) and Birte Glang wear the same outfit at the “Bold Woman Award by Veuve Clicquot“ at the French Embassy. Photo: Gerald Matzka/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB、クレジット:ZB/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  19. 2020031601514

    「Newscom」 SPORTS-SOC-SHEBELIEVES-CUP-9-OS  キーワード:日本人、選手、サッカー、山下杏也加、Spain player Patri Guijarro (12) leaps over Japan goalkeeper Ayaka Yamashita (18) during the She Believes Cup women‘s soccer game on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Fla. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel/TNS) (Newscom TagID: krtphotoslive883434) [Photo via Newscom]、クレジット:TNS/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ

  20. 2020030301514

    「LaPresse」 Coronavirus, sanificazione Vaporetti e trasporto nautico a Venez Foto Claudio Furlan - LaPresse 28 Febbraio 2020 Venezia (Italia) NewsSanificazione straordinaria di Vaporetti e trasporto nautico a Venezia da parte dell‘ ACTV per far fronte all emergenza coronavirus、クレジット:LaPresse/共同通信イメージズ

  21. 2020022811514

    「DPA」 Brandenburg State Parliament 27 February 2020, Brandenburg, Potsdam: Benjamin Raschke (r), leader of the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group, speaks during the session of the Brandenburg state parliament. In the background is Dietmar Woidke (SPD), Minister President of Brandenburg. Photo: Soeren Stache/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB、クレジット:ZB/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  22. 2020022801514

    「WENN」「海外セレブ」 I Am Not Okay With This Premiere Netflix.s .I Am Not Okay With This Premiere held at The London West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.Featuring: Lilia Buckingham.Where: Los Angeles, California, United States.When: 26 Feb 2020.Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN、クレジット:Adriana M. Barraza/WENN/共同通信イメージズ

  23. 2020030201514

    「DPA」 Minister of Health on Coronavirus 24 February 2020, Berlin: Jens Spahn (CDU), Federal Minister of Health, speaks at a press conference about the situation in connection with the corona virus in Italy and about possible reactions in Germany. Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  24. 2020022701514

    「LaPresse」 Sfilata Elisabetta Franchi - Milano Moda donna autunno inverno 2 Foto Gian Mattia D‘Alberto - LaPresse22-02-2020 Milano ItaliaSpettacoloMilano Moda donna autunno inverno 2020- 2021Sfilata Elisabetta Franchinella foto: la sfilataPh Gian Mattia D‘Alberto - LaPresse2020-02-22 Milan ItalyEntertainmentMilan fashion weekElisabetta Franchi‘s showin the photo: the show、クレジット:LaPresse/共同通信イメージズ

  25. 2020022501514

    「WENN」「海外セレブ」 Regard Magazine‘s 10th Anniversary Celebration Regard Magazine‘s 10 Year Anniversary Celebrating Women in Film and Television at the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on February 20, 2020Featuring: Kelly Mac, Nicky Whelan.Where: Los Angeles, California, United States.When: 21 Feb 2020.Credit: Sheri Determan/WENN.com、クレジット:Sheri Determan/WENN.com/共同通信イメージズ

  26. 2020022901514

    「DPA」 Police headquarters Hamm 21 February 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamm: The sign of the police headquarters. During the investigation of a terror suspect in their own ranks, the Hamm police force came across two other employees with a possibly right-wing orientation. Photo: Bernd Thissen/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  27. 2020022601514

    「DPA」「海外セレブ」 第70回ベルリン国際映画祭 Berlinale 2020 - “Hidden Away“ - Photocall 21 February 2020, Berlin: 70th Berlinale, Photocall, Competition, “Volevo nascondermi“ (Hidden Away): Elio Germano, actor. The International Film Festival takes place from 20.02. to 01.03.2020. Photo: Michael Kappeler/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  28. 2020022121514

    「DPA」 Romanian Foreign Minister to Foreign Minister Maas 20 February 2020, Berlin: Bogdan Aurescu, Foreign Minister of Romania, speaks at a press conference with Foreign Minister Maas after their meeting at the Federal Foreign Office. Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  29. 2020022001514

    「WENN」「海外セレブ」 Burberry LFW arrivals Guests arrivals for Burberry LFW AW20 show at OlympiaFeaturing: Winnie Harlow.Where: London, United Kingdom.When: 17 Feb 2020.Credit: Phil Lewis/WENN.com、クレジット:Phil Lewis/WENN.com/共同通信イメージズ

  30. 2020021801514

    「DPA」 Clearing work for planned Tesla factory stopped 16 February 2020, Brandenburg, Grünheide: Clearing machines are on the site for the planned Tesla factory. The Higher Administrative Court temporarily halts the ongoing clearing work following an application by the Green League Brandenburg. Photo: Britta Pedersen/dpa-Zentralbild/ZB、クレジット:ZB/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  31. 2020021901514

    「スプートニク」 Russia Freestyle Ski World Cup 15.02.2020 Pavel Krotov, of Russia, competes during the men‘s ski freestyle aerials World Cup 2020 finals in Moscow, Russia. Mikhail Voskresenskiy / Sputnik、クレジット:Sputnik/共同通信イメージズ

  32. 2020021701514

    「DPA」 Munich Security Conference 14 February 2020, Bavaria, Munich: Dan Brouillette, US Secretary of Energy, and Kadri Simson, EU Energy Commissioner, will meet for bilateral talks on the first day of the 56th Munich Security Conference. Photo: Tobias Hase/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  33. 2020021401514

    「DPA」「海外セレブ」 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Mary McCormack attends the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA, on 09 February 2020. | usage worldwide、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  34. 2020021001514

    防護服姿に「災害派遣」  横浜・大黒ふ頭に停泊するクルーズ船「ダイヤモンド・プリンセス」付近で待機する防護服の関係者=10日午後2時9分

  35. 2020021301514

    「DPA」「海外セレブ」 第92回アカデミー賞 2020 Academy Awards in Los Angeles Brie Larson at the 2020 / 92nd Annual Academy Awards Academy Awards at the Dolby Theater at the Hollywood & Highland Center. Los Angeles, February 9, 2020 | usage worldwide、クレジット:Geisler-Fotopress/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  36. 2020021201514

    「DPA」 Soccer 1.Bundesliga / FC Bayern Munich - RB Leipzig 0-0. Hasan SALIHAMIDZIC (Sports Director FC Bayern Munich) looks incredulously upwards. Single picture, cut single motif, portrait, portrait, portrait. Soccer 1.Bundesliga, 21.matchday, matchday21, FC Bayern Munich (M) -RB Leipzig (L) 0-0, on 09.02.2020 in Muenchen ALLIANZARENA, DFL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT ANY USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS AS IMAGE SEQUENCES AND / OR QUASI- VIDEO. | usage worldwide、クレジット:SVEN SIMON/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  37. 2020021101514

    「DPA」 Soccer 1.Bundesliga / FC Bayern Munich - RB Leipzig 0-0. Lucas HERNANDEZ (FC Bayern Munich), action, single action, single image, cut out, full body shot, whole figure. Soccer 1.Bundesliga, 21.matchday, matchday21, FC Bayern Munich (M) -RB Leipzig (L) 0-0, on 09.02.2020 in Muenchen ALLIANZARENA, DFL REGULATIONS PROHIBIT ANY USE OF PHOTOGRAPHS AS IMAGE SEQUENCES AND / OR QUASI- VIDEO. | usage worldwide、クレジット:SVEN SIMON/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  38. 2020020701514

    「DPA」 Bayer Leverkusen - VfB Stuttgart 05 February 2020, North Rhine-Westphalia, Leverkusen: Football: DFB Cup, Bayer Leverkusen - VfB Stuttgart, round of 16 in the BayArena. On a banner of the Leverkusen fans it says: “You make a fool of yourself - abolish video evidence“. Photo: Guido Kirchner/dpa - IMPORTANT NOTE: In accordance with the regulations of the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga and the DFB Deutscher Football-Bund, it is prohibited to exploit or have exploited in the stadium and/or from the game taken photographs in the form of sequence images and/or video-like photo series.、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  39. 2020020601514

    「LaPresse」 Udinese vs Inter - Serie A TIM 2019/2020 Foto Andrea Bressanutti/LaPresse 02 Febbraio 2020 Udine, Italia sport calcio Udinese vs Inter - Campionato di calcio Serie A TIM 2019/2020 - stadio Dacia Arena. Nella foto: okaka, skriniarPhoto Andrea Bressanutti/LaPresseFebruary 02, 2020 Udine, Italysport soccerUdinese vs Inter - Italian Football Championship League A Tim 2019/2020 - Dacia Arena StadiumIn the pic: okaka, skriniar、クレジット:LaPresse/共同通信イメージズ

  40. 2020020301514

    「DPA」 Table Tennis German Open 02 February 2020, Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg: Table tennis: German Open, women, singles, semi-finals, Ding (China) - Wang (China). Ding Ning in action. Photo: Swen Pförtner/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  41. 2020020501514

    「DPA」 Winter tourism in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 31 January 2020, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rerik: Beate Gauert from Heist near Pinneberg in Schleswig-Holstein looks out of the awning of her motorhome at the camping park. Alone 26 of the 87 campsites on the Baltic Sea and lakes organised in the state association are also open in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in winter. In recent years, the north-east has significantly expanded the range of offers for holidaymakers in the winter months. Between November 2019 and February 2020, around 4.9 million overnight stays were registered, a third more than in the winter of 2009/2010. Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  42. 2020013001514

    「DPA」 Premiere of the documentary film “True Sight 28 January 2020, Berlin: Johan “n0tail“ Sundstein, captain of Team OG at the premiere of the documentary film “True Sight“ in the Babylon Kino Berlin with the reigning Dota 2 world champions OG and the runners-up who are now playing under the name Nigma. Photo: Benedikt Wenck/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  43. 2020012721514

    「DPA」 Nordic ski/combination: World Cup 26 January 2020, Bavaria, Oberstdorf: Nordic ski/combination: World Cup. The German Vinzenz Geiger (M) rides on the track. Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  44. 2020012811514

    「DPA」 Weißwurstparty at the Stanglwirt - Hahnenkamm Race 24 January 2020, Austria, Going am Wilden Kaiser: Model Alena Gerber (l) and host Verena Kerth celebrate at the Weißwurstparty at the Stanglwirt, one day before the legendary Hahnenkamm Race. The events surrounding the Streif are among the most important celebrity events of the year in Austria. Photo: Felix Hörhager/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  45. 2020012001514

    「12段用」 専門技術保有でも被害に  三菱電機の事業とサイバー攻撃

  46. 2020012101514

    「Newscom」「海外セレブ」 SAG AWARDS 2020 Jennifer Lopez arrives for the 26th annual SAG Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 19, 2020. The Screen Actors Guild Awards will be broadcast live on TNT and TBS. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI Photo via Newscom、クレジット:UPI/ニューズコム/共同通信イメージズ

  47. 2020012201514

    「DPA」 Augsburg, 01/18/2020, firo, soccer, 1.Bundesliga, season 2019/2020, FCA, FC Augsburg - Borussia Dortmund firo: 18.01.2020, football, 1.Bundesliga, season 2019/2020, FC Augsburg - Borussia Dortmund 3: 5, Axel Witsel, Borussia Dortmund, BVB, Dortmund, Borussia, Florian Niederlechner, FC Augsburg, FCA, Augsburg, whole figure , duels, goalchance, | usage worldwide、クレジット:firo Sportphoto/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  48. 2020011701514

    「DPA」 Penguins Bremerhaven - EHC Red Bull Munich 16 January 2020, Bremen, Bremerhaven: Ice hockey: DEL, Penguins Bremerhaven - EHC Red Bull Munich, main round, 38th matchday. Munich‘s players cheer for a goal from Yasin Ehliz (l). Photo: Carmen Jaspersen/dpa、クレジット:DPA/共同通信イメージズ

  49. 2020011501514

    「柔道の話題」 ハワイで柔道男子支援  柔道日本男子のハワイ合宿を支援したケビン・アサノさん=4日、ホノルル(共同)

  50. 2020011601514

    「DPA」 Policy Luncheon Press Conference United States Senator John Barrasso (Republican of Wyoming) speaks to members of the media following policy luncheons at the United States Capitol in Washington D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. The Senate is preparing for the impeachment trial of United States President Donald J. Trump, after Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) announced today that she will send over the two articles on Wednesday. Credit: Stefani Reynolds / CNP | usage worldwide、クレジット:CNP/DPA/共同通信イメージズ

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